Edwards Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at Edwards? (See Now)

Edwards Theaters Circuit, Inc. is a movie theater owned and managed by the Edwards Family. It has approximately 90 motion picture theaters with more than 725 screens.

The company’s headquarters can be found in Newport, California. Almost all of its theaters are located in southern California. However, it expanded to other states, opening one in Houston, Texas and four theaters in Idaho.

Edwards Ticket Prices

Children (<11 years)$9.70 - $11.50
Adults$12.70 - $15.00
Seniors (60+)$9.70 - $12.00
Student Discount0% - 15%
Military Discount0% - 20%
Children (<11 years)$9.70 - $11.50
Adults$11.20 - $12.50
Seniors (60+)$9.70 - $12.00
Children (<11 years)$12.25 - $15.35
Adults$15.25 - $18.50
Seniors (60+)$12.15 - $15.75
Children (<11 years)$12.25 - $15.35
Adults$12.75 - $16.25
Seniors (60+)$12.15 - $15.75
Children (<11 years)$14.25 - $16.25
Adults$17.75 - $19.85
Seniors (60+)$14.75 - $16.75
Children (<11 years)$14.25 - $16.25
Adults$15.25 - $17.50
Seniors (60+)$14.75 - $16.75
Children (<11 years)$16.25 - $18.50
Adults$19.25 - $22.00
Seniors (60+)$16.25 - $19.00
Children (<11 years)$16.25 - $18.50
Adults$17.00 - $19.50
Seniors (60+)$16.25 - $19.00
Children (<11 years)$12.75 - $14.75
Adults$14.50 - $18.25
Seniors (60+)$12.75 - $15.25
Children (<11 years)$15.75 - $18.00
Adults$18.50 - $21.00
Seniors (60+)$15.75 - $18.50


Edwards Theaters Circuit, Inc. was established by William James Edwards. He bought his first movie theater in the year 1930 in Monterey Park, California, with a single-screen cinema costing him $1,000. At first, the movie theater struggled with its poor economic condition, but with the hard work and persistence of the owner, it managed to expand the Monterey Park Theater into a small chain of ten screens.

In 1939, he bought a theater in Alhambra, California, and made the first movie complex. Soon, he and his two partners opened another theater circuit that grew into 80 screens.

Edwards died in 1997. He left his son, Edwards III, with an inheritance of about 90 locations with 560 screens. Edwards III announced a great expansion plan that intended to double the company size. Unfortunately, this caused the company an overwhelming debt that led it to file its bankruptcy in the year 2000.

Investor Philip Anschutz bought Edwards Theaters, as well as Regal Cinemas and United Artists Theaters, making him the majority owner. In March 2002, he announced the plan of merging the three theaters into one parent company, Regal Entertainment Group. Regal’s Mike Campbell together with UA’s Kurt Hall became the company’s co-CEOs. Now, the three theaters are combined into one.

Edwards Review

Like all the other theaters of Regal Entertainment Group, Edwards offers movies from the standard to 3Ds, IMAX, and as well as 4DX.

Edwards offers a wide variety of movies from the trending movies, the latest, and as well as Bollywood movies and faith-based movies.

Edwards offers reasonable prices for their. For standard movies, ticket prices start at $7.50 for adults and $6.50 for children. On regular or evening hours, the rate for children of ages 2-12 years old becomes $9.00, while for adults, it becomes $11.00 per ticket. Moreover, $3.50-$6.50 will be added per ticket on 3D or IMAX movies. Ticket prices are subjected to change based on the time of the day one will be watching.

Whenever you’re hungry or you want to buy some snacks to munch on while watching the movies, you can visit the concessions area where you can find several food choices. They offer Cinnabon bites, ice creams, sodas, nachos, candies, pretzels, smoothies, frozen yogurts, corn dog nuggets, hot dogs, burgers, popcorns, etc.

In some branches, they offer recliners, which are comfortable and spacious. Viewers can rest and relax while they watch in a luxurious environment.

Watching movies at Edwards is always a great experience, because of the pleasant and courteous staff, and most of all, the great atmosphere.


Edwards is mostly known for its ticket prices. According to informal surveys and online reviews, its ticket costs are among the most reasonable in the movie theater business. Edwards is also known for its wide-range of film selection. Moreover, it is known for its excellent service providing satisfying entertainment to their viewers, through their great amenities and facilities.

There is an offer for loyal customers called Regal Rewards. Loyalty cards are given to members wherein they can earn credits or points. Members can exchange their credits for free food items or upsizes from the concessions, and they can use their points to avail for free movie tickets as well.

They also give additional discounts on the ticket cost for members of the military, students, and senior citizens. Individuals must present a valid ID.

They also offer corporate and group packages for special occasions at lower prices, special viewing and private screenings for selected movies, and free family film festivals during summer.



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