Reel Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at Reel? (See Now)

Reel Cinemas is a theater in the UK which specializes in showing independent movies. Its ethos revolves around fantastic customer service.

This movie theater chain operates in the UK, with 15 branches currently in operation. The cinema plans to expand its business to other locations in the future.

Reel Ticket Prices

Child (2-12)£4.70 - £6.40
Teen (13-17)£5.00 - £6.90
Student (NUS card only)£5.30 - £7.40
Adult (18+)£6.20 - £8.40
Senior (60+)£4.70 - £6.40
NHS/Emergency Services & Armed Forces£4.70 - £6.40
Family (3)£18.80 - £19.20
Family (4)£18.00 - £25.60
Child (2-12)£6.70 - £8.40
Teen (13-17)£7.00 - £8.90
Student (NUS card only)£7.30 - £9.40
Adult (18+)£8.20 - £10.40
Senior (60+)£6.70 - £8.40
NHS/Emergency Services & Armed Forces£6.70 - £8.40
Family (3)£20.10 - £25.20
Family (4)£26.80 - £33.60
Tuesday + Wednesday Movie£4.50 - £6.00
Tuesday + Wednesday 3D Movie£5.50 - £7.70
Kids Club Movie£2.00
Kids Club Movie 3D Movie£3.00
Birthday Party Movie£7.00
Birthday Party 3D Movie£8.00
Senior Club Tuesday Movie£4.50 - £6.00
Senior Club Tuesday 3D Movie£5.50 - £7.70


Reel Cinemas began its operation back in 2001. Its first location was a 1914 six screen art deco cinema in Loughborough.

Today, Reel Cinemas has expanded and now operates 15 more branches across the UK. It still remains as an independent cinema operator.

Reel Cinema prides itself in being recognized by multiple communities as the home of independent movies. It also recognized as being one of a few movie theater chains that is still family-owned.

The cinema chain expects to continue expanding, with the addition of 10 new branches planned for the next five years.

Reel Cinema Review

Reel Cinemas offer the usual type of food to moviegoers, so you should expect to see popcorn stands that sell snacks and drinks just outside the cinema.

Reel Cinemas typically offer the usual type of movie experience to its customers, which ensures that they are up to date with the current trend in movie experience. Most movies are shown in 2D, although other types are offered as well.

Each Reel Cinema movie theater is powered by Dolby Digital 7.1 sound. The cinemas also offer a 3D film experience. They also use digital films, which ensures an excellent film quality. This is unlike what was used before, which means that the film is highly unlikely to ever degrade.

Reel Cinema also offers high tech eyewear for 3D movies. The eyewear Reel Cinema provides can comfortably fit anyone aged 3 and up, even if you put them on top of prescription eyeglasses.

Reel Cinemas offer comfortable seating arrangements. The screen itself is not too close to the nearest seats, so movie goers would not be overwhelmed.

The cinema chain usually uses whatever it earns on a daily basis to also help charities. They are active in running money raising activities and special events which specifically their chosen charities.


The cinema chain offers numerous discount offers to its customers. However, its most popular is the Reel Cinema gift card, which the company advertises as the best gift one could give to a moviegoer.

Reel Cinema is famous for providing excellent customer service. However, they are more famous as a center for showing independent films, although they also show popular movies as well.

People enjoy going to Reel Cinema not only because of the low prices, but also because of the cinema’s focus on independent films. The good customer service provided by the cinema chain also attracts customers.

Accommodations for disabled people depend on which branch you will be watching. Although a lot of cinemas have accommodations for disabled people, there are some branches that might not be as welcoming.

The cinema chain also offers movies for children, which is why they also have birthday promos specifically targeting children.


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