Odeon Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at Odeon? (See Now)

Do you know that the original “Odeon” were the popular amphitheaters in ancient Greece?  The founder of Odeon Cinema owned that name and it became the largest cinema chain in the United Kingdom as of 2016.

Odeon Cinema is also the first to open the first multiplex in the UK. There are 124 total locations of Odeon Cinemas in the world, 10 in Ireland and 114 in United Kingdom.

Odeon Ticket Prices

Child (12 years and under)£6.00 - £7.50
Teen (Ages 13-17)£6.00 - £7.95
Student (Valid student card required)£6.00 - £8.50
Senior (Ages 60+)£6.00 - £9.00
Adult (Ages 18+)£6.00 - £11.00
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children)£22.00 - £32.00
Child (12 years and under)£7.50 - £9.25
Teen (Ages 13-17)£7.50 - £10.50
Student (Valid student card required)£8.00 - £10.50
Senior (Ages 60+)£7.50 - £11.00
Adult (Ages 18+)£10.95 - £13.95
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children)£26.00 - £35.60
Children, Teen, Student & Senior£1.60
3D Glasses£1.00 per pair
Each£1.00 - £2.20
Family£6.40 - £8.80
Child (12 years and under)£10.00 - £12.50
Teen (Ages 13-17)£10.00 - £12.95
Student (Valid student card required)£10.00 - £13.50
Senior (Ages 60+)£10.00 - £14.00
Adult (Ages 18+)£10.00 - £15.00
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children)£38.00 - £52.00
Child (12 years and under)£11.50 - 14.25
Teen (Ages 13-17)£11.50 - £15.50
Student (Valid student card required)£12.00 - 15.50
Senior (Ages 60+)£11.50 - £16.00
Adult (Ages 18+)£15.95 - £18.95
Family (1 adult, 3 children or 2 adults, 2 children)£44.00 - £55.60
D-BOX (per ticket)£4.00
D-BOX (family)£16.00
3D D-BOX (per ticket)£5.50
3D D-BOX (family)£22.00
Blockbusters - New Release Movies (per ticket)£0.50 - £1.50
Blockbusters - New Release Movies (family)£2.00 - £4.00
All Tickets (normal upgrade costs still apply)£5.00


Odeon Cinemas was established by Oscar Deutsch in 1928. Oscar was a son of a successful scrap metal merchant. After attending King Edward VI Five Ways, he opened the very first Odeon Cinema in Brierley Hill, Dudley.

The word Odeon, according to the publicity team of Oscar, means “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”, but the word Odeon actually originated from the ancient Greeks and had been used before in France and Italy in the late 1920’s to refer to cinemas.

Odeon Cinema Company operates in the country of Ireland and the UK with UCI Cinemas as its partner. Its famous name Odeon cinemas circuit was first used in Britain in the year 1930. And in the same year, Deutsch cinema at Perry Barr, Birmingham was the first to use the brand name of Odeon. Then after 10 years, Odeon became part of Rank Organisation, a British entertainment own by J. Arthur Rank. By the time that Oscar died on December 5, 1941, there were already 258 Odeon Cinemas opened throughout Britain. Then the Odeon Cinemas continued with the new management of J. Arthur Rank Corp. It led Odeon to operate and own a hundred cinemas in Toronto, Canada. It was then sold twice, and from its original name of Odeon Cinemas, it became Canadian Odeon Theatres then to Cineplex Odeon.

It was early in the year of 2000 that Terra Firma purchased the Odeon Cinemas circuit. In February 2015, Terra Firma announced that they planned to sell Odeon and UCI cinemas for around $1.2 billion after they lost $813 million on 2011. Its rival Everyman Cinemas bought two; one in Muswell Hill and another one in Barnet for about $8.8 million. Then in July 2016, US AMC Theatres bought Odeon Cinemas from Terra Firma for $916 million.

Odeon Cinema Review

Odeon Cinema is the largest and best-known movie theatre chain in Ireland and the United Kingdom and has over 800 screens and 100 cinemas.

They offer a wide variety of food concessions at their cinemas, starting from Costa Coffee shop then to Ben & Jerry’s, which is very popular for its ice cream, frozen yogurts and sorbets, which can be enjoyed before, after or even during the show.

Bringing food and beverages inside the theatres of Odeon are allowed as long as they’re not type of a hot food.

Alcoholic beverages are allowed only in some sites of Odeon in the UK because there are only selected cinemas that have alcoholic licenses.

Odeon Cinemas can screen movies from 2D, 3D, real-3D, IMAX and iSENSE, which is a trademark of Odeon in Ireland. It refers to their theatres with floor to ceiling screens, Dolby Atmos sound and 4K projectors.

The ambiance inside the Odeon cinemas is professional and personal compared to multiplex theaters of other rival cinemas in Britain.


Odeon Cinemas is known for its iSENSE and state-of-the-art IMAX. People go here to have a high quality experience while watching a film or movie. Aside from the delicious food and drinks that Odeon offers, they provide ample parking spaces for their customers to make it more convenient for them. Online booking has also been a practiced in Odeon Cinema for easy reservation of seats and transactions.

Loyal customers who acquire ODEON Premiere cards can win tasty snacks and drinks while they earn points when buying tickets. Every £1 or $1.25 is equivalent to 10 points.

In May 2015, Odeon launched a limited membership scheme trial called “Limitless”, which had been later on implemented nationwide in March 5, 2016. It’s a scheme that allows its members to watch regular-2D screenings for unlimited times in 12-months for £17.99 ($22.23) and £19.99 ($24.71) in Central London.

All the members of the staff are very helpful, ensuring that they give excellent service especially to persons with disabilities. Odeon Cinemas even have a “Disability and Accessibility” helpline for them and they give free tickets to the person who is with the disabled customer. And as best as they can, Odeon Cinema tries to accommodate babies inside their theaters; the majority of their cinemas will admit babies for PG, GEN, 15A or 12A films showing before 7pm.



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