Vue Ticket Prices: How much is a ticket at Vue? (See Now)

Vue Entertainment is one of the world’s leaders in providing premium cinemas that deliver the best experience to its customers. The company prides itself in its innovative rebranding that raised the stakes in the ‘big screen’ business in the UK.

Through various expansion projects, Vue constructed 1,875 cinemas in 211 sites in 10 different countries. This breakthrough numbers secured their spot as one of the frontrunners in the British sector of premium entertainment cinema.

Vue Ticket Prices

Children (2-12 years)£7.79 - £8.79
Teen (13-18)£8.29 - £9.29
Student (with valid ID)£8.79 - £9.99
Adult (19+)£9.99 - £11.49
Senior (60+)£8.79 - £9.99
Family (4)£33.16 - £35.96
Children (2-12 years)£6.79 - £7.79
Teen (13-18)£7.29 - £8.29
Student (with valid ID)£7.79 - £8.79
Adult (19+)£8.79 - £9.99
Senior (60+)£7.79 - £8.79
Family (4)£27.16 - £31.16
Children (2-12 years)£8.59 - £10.59
Teen (13-18)£9.29 - £10.49
Student (with valid ID)£9.79 - £10.99
Adult (19+)£11.59 - £13.19
Senior (60+)£9.79 - £10.99
Family (4)£35.16 - £39.96
Children (2-12 years)£7.79 - £9.39
Teen (13-18)£8.29 - £9.89
Student (with valid ID)£8.79 - £10.39
Adult (19+)£10.39 - £12.29
Senior (60+)£8.79 - £10.39
Family (4)£31.16 - £37.56


Timothy Richards founded Vue in May 2003. Richards was a self-confessed movie lover and his fascination with cinemas led him to a decision that changed the course of his life. In 1999, he left his position in Warner Brothers and started his own company from scratch.

At that time, the company was still known as SBC International Cinema. Years later, the deal that solidified the company came. SBC acquired Warner Village chain of 36 cinemas and rebranded itself to become Vue Entertainment. With this new platform, the company didn’t stop from buying out other rivals such as Ster Century, Apollo, Multikino, and JT Bioscopen. These acquisitions led Vue to reach the 200-mark on cinema sites and become the third largest cinema company in the UK.

Vue encourages other retail companies in expanding global brand awareness. Having a recognizable brand is essential to a company’s success since it is a form of promotion that focuses on enhancing customer numbers. Vue offers case studies on rebranding and leveraging a brand name for other companies and retailers.

Vue Entertainment was recognized at CineEurope 2014 as the International Exhibitor of the Year and in 2013 as the Cinema Exhibitor of the Year at the Marketing & Distribution Awards.

Vue Review

A complete movie experience comes with good food. Vue cinemas offer a wide range of food choices. In addition, the nutritional value of each entree can be found on the official website along with its allergen information.

There are various popcorn flavors and most locations also serve pizza, nachos, and hot dogs. Drinks, sweets and ice cream are also served and are kept at reasonable prices.

The company is very proud of its state of the art cinemas in UK and Ireland that feature different kinds of screens. These are IMAX, 3D, Gold Class, Extreme, and Scene screens with bars.

The cinemas are also popular due to its creative and innovative ‘VueXtreme’ which features an extensive screen measuring 16m x 7m along with reclining chairs, more leg room, and perfect viewing spots.

Each cinema site can house a large number of customers ranging from 800 to 5,000 people depending on the location.

Vue uses high-quality technology and the best environment in order to let the cinema viewers have a unique experience in every movie or event that they watch.


The company has special offerings in order to attract a wide-range of customers. They offer Family packages, student rates, 2-for-1 tickets for members, and late-night showings for the best price.

Vue also offers discounts and special screenings to viewers who are over-60s every weekend and hosts autism-friendly screenings on the last Sunday of every month.

The cinema chains are also known for hosting eGaming events for people who want to use the big screen in their championships and it also houses other events like concerts, opera, musicals, and ballet.

Vue Entertainment is a very competitive company. Having a hundred cinemas is a big thing but having more than 200 cinemas is a great feat that other theater companies have not achieved. With the company’s proper brand, good leadership and innovative strategic management, it will not be surprising if it takes the top spot of being the largest cinema company in the UK in the years to come.


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